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We Developed a Strategic Partnership with Lutze (Photos)2010-08-19

On August 12th, we signed a technical agreement on high-performance friction material, wear-resistant conveyor belt and anti-wear protection technology with Lutze Fördertechnik GmbH in Luoyang, The two sides have established strategic cooperative relations on the base of a friendly and sincere cooperation and jointly promoted high performance frictional materials..
Lutze is a professional company specialized in friction materials, transmission technology and anti-wear protection technology. It has 9 factories and offices in Germany. The high-performance wear-resisting technology enjoys high reputation in Europe and has been applicated in ABB company and SIEMAG company, conveyor belt products which is suitable for all kinds of physical delivery, specifications are also used in mine, wharf, warehouse and production lines in Europe. The success of Europe has led to the intention of luce teleport technology co. Ltd. to open up the Chinese market.

Our Engineering Plastic Plant owns the advanced test equipment in China, its elevator high-performance friction lining products have been supplied for CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and many elevator manufactures across the country. In order to enhance high-performance friction technology, Zhao Chuanpeng, President of CIC and other management, visited Lutze on invitation in June of the year. On August 10th, Mr. Lutze, President of Lutze Fördertechnik GmbH, accompanying by Professor H. Yuan with University of Wuppertal, visited our company.

The both sides built trusts on the basis of exchange visit, and officially signed an agreement on high-performance friction material, wear-resistant conveyor belt and wear protection technology, and made positive discussion on a potential cooperation field. The technical cooperation will boost the elevator friction lining and driving wear resistance technology to reach the international level.
The People’s Government of Jianxi District in Luoyang City gave more concerns and great support for this cooperation, and put forward expectations and requirements.