• Single-Rope Winding Mining Hoist
  • Single-Rope Winding Mining Hoist
  • Single-Rope Winding Mining Hoist

Single-Rope Winding Mining Hoist

Product Usage :
The series product includs 2m-5m singledrum and double drum types, and can be used for lifting minerals, material, equipments and persons from vertical shafts or inclined shafts in the coal, metal and nonmetal mines.

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Single-rope Winding Mining hoist
The series product includs 2m-5m single tubular and double tubular types, and can be used for lifting minerals, material, equipments and persons from vertical shafts or inclined shafts in the coal, metal and nonmetal mines.
Single-rope Hoist Working Principle
The motor supplier the power to the drum winded with ropes through the reducer, to realize lifting and lowering of the container, and the running speed is controlled by the electric drive. The disc brake is controlled by hydraulic and electric control system. The depth of the container is indicated by the position indication system. The sensors and control units compose of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic combined control system in order to monitor and protect the whole set of the hoist. All the message in and out of the hoist is realized by computers and network technology.
Technical Characteristics
1. Using various types of drum: integrated, two-parts and four-parts structure.
2. The drum groove adopts spiral groove, which is suppressed of engineering plastic liner, rope transition device between layers adopted.
3. Adopting disc brake with back cylinder, electric-hydro joint control. Hydraulic stations are divided into two types: medium and medium-high pressure. The medium pressure one has 2-stage brake of constant braking force with electric or hydraulic delay, while the medium-high pressure one has 2-stage of constant speed-reducing and constant braking torque. Hydraulic stations could be equipped with pressure sensor and relay.
4. The main shaft is friction-connected with the drum by large plane torque.
5. The signal monitor device composed of photoelectric encoder, synchro and DC low-speed tachometer has the function of perfect monitor and protect, such as: over speed, over winding, depth indication failure, brake-shoe wear, spring fatigue, and so on.
6. The console has integrated and separated types, all of which are equipped with integrated pilot lamp, reliable electric instrument and new unit operating handle, and the depth indication system with digital indication and digital-screw combined indication. Operation table of industrial TV, computer, printer and etc. are all available.
7. The pulley/head sheave adopts integral or two part welded structure, supported by rolling bearing, friction liner of PVC or nylon on the rim.
8. It can be configurated with mining hoist network control and remote diagnosis system.

CIC’s manufacturing history of mine hoist can be dated back to 1950s. At that time, CIC’s predecessor, which was called Luoyang Mining Machinery Factory and was a national supported project, had manufactured the first mine hoist in China. As a main mine hoist manufacturer in China, CIC has the longest mine hoist manufacturing history and richest experience, and has the capability to manufacture the whole series of products and spare parts of the hoisting, from the main machine to the electronic control and hydraulic system, to the engineering plastic products.
Mine hoist, that CIC could supply, are the Single-rope Mining Hoist, Multi-rope Friction Hoist, Floor-mounted Friction Hoist, Sinking Hoist, Explosion-proof Hoist, blast Furnace Hoist and etc, of the diameter from 1.5m to 6m and with the Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products. Now CIC can fulfill the customer’s maximum requirement with the full series of service of ordering, designing, manufacturing, and after-sale.
CIC’s mine hoist is widely used to lift coal and minerals and carry personnel material and equipment in coal, metal and non-metal mine. And also other hauling application is available.
 ISO9001:2015 certificated
 Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products
 With the longest manufacturing history in China
 Self-developed technology
 Most professional technical team with the richest experience
 With the experience of manufacturing of the first and the largest 6m-hoist in China
 Accept all kinds of OEM and ODM requirements, could maximally fulfill your requests

 Seaworthy packing, or as required