LLS-900Z Sludge Centrifuge

Product Usage :
The sludge centrifuge is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation of the petroleum drilling sludge&oil slurry and the fine coal.

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 LLS-900Z Sludge Centrifuge

CIC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. has more than 30 years’ experience in designing, developing and manufacturing the processing equipment. The products include vertical centrifuge, horizontal centrifuge, flotation machine, disc vacuum filter, vibrating screen, crusher, coal separator and spiral classifier.

After many years of development and with strong technical capabilities, we keep the continuous innovation and developed the products with many advantages.

The sludge centrifuge is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation of the petroleum drilling sludge&oil slurry and the fine coal.

型号 Model



Screen Mesh

0.2, 0.3, 0.35, 0.5 mm


Working Rotation Speed

950 rpm


Separator Factor



Power of the Main Motor



Motor Power of Oil Pump


外形尺寸(mm)(长x 宽 x 高)

Dimension (mm) (Length x Width x Height)


重量 (Kg)



We manufacture 80 kinds of stainless steel screen with different sizes for different models of centrifuge ( VM model, VC model, WZL model, TWZ model, LL model, ML model). And we also manufacture the stainless steel sieve plate for the vibrating screen and jigging machine and the  screen of the cylindrical screen.

The screen is the key parts of the centrifuge, because the friction force applied by the processing material on the screen is very big during the working period of the screen. Our screen have following five advantages.

1. We adopt the robotic automatic welding MIG procedure, which can make sure the effective welding of the bars.

2. For the material of the screen, we choose the special nonmagnetic abrasive stainless steel.

3. Our engineer design the bars to be a trapezoid with small discharging angle, thinner width  and enough height. The height increase of bars can prolong the working life, and the small discharging angle can slow the change of the screen mesh to keep the separation accuracy of the processing material.

4. Our company now only adopt the advanced manufacturing procedure, we also manufacture it strictly according the quality requirement of the ISO9001, each screen will be tested by the dynamic balancing experiment.