Rivet welding capacity

With the large operation area and outside processing bases, CIC has a strong production capacity of riveting welding parts and on-site construction. we have manufactured large-sized cement kiln, nickel ore kiln and large rotary kiln for the biggest cement producing enterprise in China. What's more, the equipments were installed on-site in order to guarantee the ability, and it was even more precise than the drawing requirement, which has filled the gap in China.

Rivet welding equipments:
1、Three Roller Bending Rolls
2、100 Thick Sheet Straightener
3、Automatic Welding Machines
4、Shot Peening Cleaning Equipment
5、Submerged Arc Automatic Welder, Gas Shielded Welding Machine, Argon Arc Welding Machine,etc.
6、Numerical Control Cutting Machine, Automatic Feeding Machine