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ELC-FF5 seriesELC-FF5 serieseriesant under CITIC IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in the R & D, production, manufacturing and sales of all kinds...

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ELC-FF5 seriesELC-FF5 serieseriesant under CITIC IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in the R & D, production, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of ventilation equipment. Relying on the strong market influence of CIC brand and rigorous market management mode, we have developed and produced a new generation of ventilation and cooling equipment—— "CIC Fengxing" and "CIC Fengfan" two series of industrial energy saving fans.
CIC focuses on the practicability and safety of the products. The multiple safety design of the whole series of fans ensures that the products are "safety first". At the same time, advanced technology and superior air output continue to win the trust and favor of many customers at home and abroad.
There is no best, only better. To provide our customers with more excellent products and meet their more efficient and comfortable experience, we will continue to work hard.

Compared with the traditional air-conditioner and small high-speed fan, the advantage of the large fan is to save the use cost, reduce the use area effectively, improve the safety of the product, and the natural and gentle wind effect is also beneficial to the health of the workers. The efficiency of simultaneous interpreting is improved and the production cost is reduced directly. At the same time, a comfortable and healthy working environment is also conducive to improving the centripetal force and cohesion of employees, and a stable staff team effectively reduces the human costs of recruitment and training caused by employee job hopping. Large fans can be called the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in large spaces.

Fengxing Series:
CIC Fengxing series industrial energy-saving large fan belongs to the traditional HVLS (high volume - low speed) large air volume and low speed fan, with a diameter of 7.3m and a speed of only 56rpm (56rpm). The fan blade adopts the wing design with advanced technology and applies the principle of aerodynamics to most effectively promote a large amount of air flow, form a circulating airflow field within a certain enclosed space and produce a large area of natural breeze system. Experiments show that in practical use, the "CIC Fengxing" series products can bring a cooling feeling of 5-8 degrees to the human body, and the maximum operating power is only 1.5KW

Fengfan Series:
CIC Fengfan series products adopt permanent magnet motor. In addition to the general characteristics of asynchronous motor and industrial energy-saving fan, it has smaller volume, lighter weight, more compact structure and less height and space. Ultra silent design, maintenance free.

DLX-FX5 Series:

GLS-FX8 Series:

ELC-FF5 Series:

Vertical Fan- FL Series


Promote a Huge Amount of Air Flow to Achieve a Large Coverage Area
Airfoil-shaped fan blade design, strong air stirring capacity, so as to a large coverageareanot limited to the bottom of the fan. A fancovers a maximum area of 2000 square meters.

Natural Three-dimensional Air Supply to Improve Human Comfort
The circulating airflow field formed by the fan is similar to the natural breeze, with a full range of three-dimensional air supply, which is soft and comfortable.

Safety and Energy Saving
Industrial energy-saving large fan, power 1.5KW/H, hoisting, saving floor space, avoiding fire and accidental injuries caused by industrial wall fans and floor fans.

Super Long Service Life
Internationally renowned brand components and raw materials, strict quality assurance management, to ensure the service life of the productsup to 15-20 years.





Quality Control Management

CIC company has always strictly selected suppliers, and strictly controlled the quality of purchased raw materials, spare parts to ensure that each product is of qualified quality.

After-sales Service

After-sales response within 2 hours, and provide technical service support within 24 hours.

During the warranty period, we will respond to the quality problems and provide on-site repair service according to the situation.

Spare parts are replaced free of charge during the product warranty period, and lifelong technical consulting services are provided outside the warranty period.

Mature Technical Support

According to the actual needs of customers, make customers' installation plans, and commission them on site after installation.

Professional Installation Team

Standard installation operation standards, strict training after excellent professional skills and certificates, strict installation process control, efficient and safe completion of installation.



Production Workshop
The employees in the production workshop are labor-intensive and highly mobile. If a small fan is used for one machine, the effect is not practical, and the air circulation cannot be achieved in a tall space. If you want to use an air conditioner to achieve full coverage of the workshop, the cost will be higher.
How to control the cost budget, completely improve the working environment of employees, improve work efficiency, and provide a comfortable working environment is the most difficult problem for enterprises to solve under the lowest circumstances. The application of CITICIC industrial energy-saving fans is the best choice to solve the ventilation and cooling problems of modern tall workshops.

Warehouse Logistics
Modern warehouses mostly use roof axial fans or general exhaust fans to exchangeair. According to user feedback, the single use effect is not good, especially when the height of the warehouse is higher, the air flow range will be more limited.It cannot be effectively used to remove the moisture in the surrounding and corners, and our large fan is the best choice for effective ventilation and moisture removal.

Outdoor Place
How to cool people in an empty outdoor place? Industrial energy-saving fans that pursue natural wind just solve this kind of problem. In hot summer, CITICIC brand vertical large fans are installed for the outdoor beer garden square to solve the problem that the outdoor people are crowded and unable to cool down, increase the attendance rate for the businesses, and become a unique and beautiful landscape.