Scientific research and technology
Grasp the present; Build up the future

As a manufacturing enterprise of heavy equipment, CIC HMC not only maintains the present status of heavy equipment manufacturing, but also keeps up with global heavy equipment manufacturing technology, as well as speeds up the science and technology innovation and developing new product.

Hoist R&D center

CIC hoist R&D department dedicates to designing and developing the leading product over the years, and was awarded municipal enterprise R&D department in March, 2011.
CIC hoist R&D department is established in the demand of the market, and has developed single-rop drum mining hoist series, which the diameter specifications is from Φ 2 m to Φ 5 m; single-rope shaft sinking hoist series, which the diameter specifications is from Φ 2.8 m to Φ 3.6 m; multi-rope friction hoist, which the diameter specifications is from Φ 1.85 m to Φ 4 m. They are widely used in mining, construction and metallurgy, enjoying a great market reputation and making a positive contribution to the development and innovation of China's hoist manufacturing industry.

Wear-resistant  Material R&D Department
CIC Wear-resistant material R&D Department dedicates to the scientific research work of new metal wear-resistant material, engages in the research and development of new metal wear-resisting material, heat treatment process, mechanical properties, wear-resisting performance testing and product optimization design..
In recent years, the high toughness and high hardness markov system of wear resistant materials from our R&D department have occupied a wide range of market in high impact metal-resistant materials with superior toughness properties. The wear resistance properties of pearlite wear-resistant steel is improved greatly because of the research and development of the heat treatment process of new pearlite metal wear-resistant material. The ability of impact fracture is improved effectively based on optimization design of the liner of large-scale semi-autogenous mill or autogenous mill, the service life of the product has been well received by customers both at home and abroad..  

Engineering Plastic R&D Department
Engineering Plastic R&D Department is municipal engineering technology R&D center, specializing in the researching and developing of engineering plastics, leading the formulation national industry criteria. The main products have six kinds more than 200 types, include the plastic liner of multi-rope/single-rope friction hoist, hoist sheave/ guide pulley liner, brake shoe, sector disc and so on. The number of patent technologies have more than twenties. The department has an advanced laboratory of mining machinery friction materials, more than 10 sets of precise inspection machine to make sure the stability of products. The program “the new high performance friction liner research” managed in 2002 won the second prize of Henan mechanical industry science and technology progress and the third prize of China mechanical science and technology; the program “WSM-3 Mining hoist Disc Brake----New Environmental Asbestos Free Brake Shoe” managed in 2003 won the third prize of Henan mechanical industry science and technology progress in 2005. In 2007, CIC joined in the development and application of disc brakes and brake performance intelligent detection system, wining first prize of China coal industry technology prize in 2008; CIC involved in the project “The Research of Mining Hoist Brake Reliable Key Techniques” in 2008, won the second prize of science and technology progress prize of the ministry of education in 2009; The program “Increasing Mine Ascension Equipment Ability to Ascend Key Technology and Application” cooperated with Xuzhou Mining University  in 2008 won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu province in 2009; The program “Key Technique and Application of Large Winding Mining Equipment” joined in 2010 won the second prize of national science and technology progress. In 2008, we drafted industry standard JB/T 10994-2010 “Winding Mining Hoist Plastic liner” and JB/T 10995-2010 “Mining Hoist Sheave and Pulley Liner”; In 2011, CIC formulated national industry standard of "the mine aerial ropeway friction liner", revised national industry standard of “ The Friction Type Hoist Liner" and "Mining Hoist Disc Brake Block”.
Invited by editorial committee of “The Mining Hoist Breakdown Processing and Technical Transformation”, CIC participates in the compilation of "Chapter 13 Mining Hoist Accessories Engineering Plastic". CIC engineering plastic R&D department will improve scientific research and development ability continuously and introduce new products constantly, making the engineering plastic products always in the leading level.

Mining Processing R&D Department

CIC Mining Processing R&D Department specializes in researching and designing coal and mining equipment, as well as formulating process and selecting matched equipment for coal processing factory.
The department has designed LL series vertical centrifugue with four types, ML series vertical centrifugue with 3 types, TWZ series horizontal vibration centrifugue with 5 types, TCL series horizontal screen bowl centrifugue, GPY series filter with 7 types, XP series selective crusher, XJM series flotation machine with 5 types since its founded, the biggest types is 20m³ of  the single slot. Most of the products have reached advanced level in domestic and are widely used in mining processing industry, centrifuges products are exported abroad and highly recognized by local enterprise.

Automatic Control R&D Department
CIC Automatic Control R&D Department has a group of technician which is good at developing electric drive control and automatic equipment and experienced system engineers. They have developed the electric control system and gating system for mining hoist, automation integrated system for processing equipment, control system for mining mill, hoist GPRS wireless remote experts diagnosis system and safety chain system and other large transmission system and equipment, which can provide perfect factory automation solutions for large and medium-sized mine enterprises. Products developed by the department are widely used in many fields, such as mining, electric power, metallurgy industries, etc.

Kiln & Mill R&D Department
Kiln & Mill R&D Department enhances the practical research capacity since its founded, the dchanges and retrofits the driving mode feeding device and other parts according to the customers’ specific requirement. Relying on the advantage of 15 m NC hobbing machine, φ 6 × 20m horizontal lathe and other heavy equipments, the institute independently designs a series products such as the φ 4.2 × 13 m cement mill, φ 4.8 x 74 m rotary kiln, φ 3.6 x 6 m ball mill, etc., which are widely used in metallurgy, construction materials, chemical, mining and other industries. The perfect technical tracking service system is also highly affirmed by customers .