• Nylon Products

Nylon Products

Product Usage :
(1) Injection nylon head sheave、guide pulley.(2) Single rope mining hoist nylon transitional block.(3) To roller nylon bushing(4) Various Specifications of nylon rod and nylon blank products(5) Oil nylon bearing spindle bush

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Nylon products
(1) Injection nylon head sheave、guide pulley
(2) Single rope mining hoist nylon transitional block. The performance of high strength and light weight can avoid the eccentric and shake of the main engine made by steel block, and extend the service life of steel wire rope.
(3) To roller nylon bushing has high mechanical strength and solidity, good abradability, so that can decrease the cost of changing whole to roll.
(4) Various Specifications of nylon rod and nylon blank products, which are fit for processing coupling stick pins and other nylon component.
(5) Oil nylon bearing spindle bush, which is fit for the heavy load and low speed, low rotation precision and inconvenience maintenance workplace of sliding bearing.