Machining Capacity

CIC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd has strong machining capacity. We can produce: Rotary Part: 250t in weight and 8m in diameter for one single; Shell Part: 200t in weight, 6m in diameter and 20m in length for one single; Gear Part: 150t in weight, 15m in diameter and modulus 45 for one single; Shaft Part: 60t in weight, 2m in diameter and 10m in length for one single. The company can supply large-sized ring&loop parts for the kiln grinding with capacity of 10000t per day , it is able to produce φ15m girth gear and the reducer with the flank hardness over HRC57, precision GB/T10095 Class 5 and transmission power can reach 45kw.

The company has various large and precision machining equipments such as: 15m CNC Hobbing Machine, 8m CNC Hobbing Machine produced by Wuzhong, 5m CNC Vertical Lathe, 200 Boring&Milling Machine, 220 Boring&Milling Machine, φ2m×10m CNC Horizontal Lathe and φ6m×20m Heavy Horizontal Lathe, etc.