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The equipment bidding and procurement meeting for the organic synthetic pulp project of CIC Heavy Machinery2020-12-15

 On December 9, a bidding and procurement meeting for the equipment for the organic synthetic pulp project of Zhongshi Heavy Machinery was held in the conference room on the second floor. Eight suppliers from all over the country participated in the bidding. This meeting is mainly for the procurement and bidding of the first batch of equipment for this project, such as conveyors, hoists, roller screens, and feeders. The meeting is divided into three phases, starting at 8 am and ending at 6:30 pm. The entire process is controlled in an orderly manner and interlocked; the process is reasonable and compact, fair and just. Corporate leaders such as President Ji of CIIC International Corporation, President Yang of the Sales Department and personnel from the financial, production, and technical departments participated in the bidding meeting. The bidding meeting was held smoothly, which greatly improved the efficiency of equipment procurement, ensured the quality of procurement, and determined the initial supplier at a more favorable price, laying a solid step for the progress of our organic synthetic pulp project.