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The company held a training meeting on Kiln and Mill Installation and After-sales Service2020-12-07

 At 4:00 pm on Dec. 2, 2020, a special training on "Kiln and Mill Installation and After-sales Service Knowledge" was organized in the meeting room on the sixth floor of the company. More than 20 main after-sales service personnel and technicians from each factory participated in the training.
This training was lectured by Mr. Lu of the production department. He mainly explained the characteristics of kiln and mill, how to deal with on-site problems, and the communication skills with users through his years of after-sales service experience and answered questions on the spot. Finally, the company’s corporate consultant Li made a comprehensive summary. After the meeting, after-sales personnel who participated in the study expressed that they had benefited a lot. After-sales service training activities will continue to be held.