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Hobbing Machine Operation Team Succefully Finished the Gear Girth Production2021-06-26

 The key project of one girth gear can not guarantee delivery due to the fault of 13 meter hobbing machine. In order to meet the needs of production tasks and ensure delivery time, the hobbing machine operators must finish the girth gear on the 13 meter hobbing machine when the machine tool has just finished maintenance and the machine performance and accuracy are uncertain. During the process, operators carefully adjust the workpiece tooling, pay attention to the vibration and cutting conditions of the machine tool, adjust the speed of tool walking in time, give up the rest time of the holiday, and the machine tool will not leave the person 24 hours a day. After the cooperation of the hobbing machine team, it took 10 days to complete the key task of this set of large gear ring on June 22 at 8:00 a.m. After inspection, all the dimensions are qualified, and the accuracy of gear ring meets the level 7 standard. The hobbing machine team is worthy of all staff to learn from the difficulties, and take the initiative to bear, be responsible, and dare to meet the difficulties.