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The fourth session of the third shareholder (employee) Congress and commendation meeting2021-02-08

 On January 28, 2021, in the conference room on the sixth floor, the fourth session of the third shareholder (employee) Congress and commendation meeting of the company was held. Two reports and one agreement were passed at the meeting, and the commendation meeting was held at 4:30 p.m. to praise the "national model workers family", the "two cups" and "one award" excellent department, excellent marketers, excellent marketing team, advanced workers and excellent teams and excellent team leaders in 2020.
On behalf of the company and the board of directors, Mr. Ma, the general manager of the company, first made the work report of "improving quality and efficiency, transforming and upgrading, and promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise to a new level"; then, the chief accountant of the company made the financial work report of 2020, and the chairman of the trade union of the company read out the negotiation draft of the collective wage agreement of 2021; then, the representatives of shareholders and employees will have a group discussion. Finally, chairman Mr. Zhao answered the questions raised by the delegates.

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Group discussion on representatives of shareholders (employees)

Mr. Zhao, chief representative of the company, Ms. Wang, chief representative of the trade union, signed the collective wage agreement in 2021