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The Game of Baozou organized by Labor Unions & Youth League General Branch2018-05-09

On April 15, 2017, the game of Baozou was organized by Labor Unions and Youth League General Branch at Louyang Pufeng Park, a total of eight teams took part in the game, including Heavy Machinery Plant, Mining Processing Equipment Plant, Engineering Plastic Company, Special material steel Plant, Sales & manufacture Union team, Technician team and Accounting administration team. It lasted more than two hours and the game ended successfully. The general manager Mr. Ma, the party secretary and trade union President participated in the competition and presented the award to the winning team.

No.1 Heavy Machinery Plant
No.2 Mining Processing Equipment Plant
No.3 Engineering Plastic Company
No.4 Special material steel Plant
No.5 Sales & manufacture Union team
No.6 Technician team
No.7 Accounting administration team