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Customer from Indonesian PT company Came for Final Inspection of the Tyre and Sheel Assembly2019-08-07

From August 5 to 8 2019,a group of six reprensentives from Indonesian PT company came to CIC factory for final inspection of Tyre and Sheel  Assembly, which is mainly used for drying machine equipment.After inspection, all the technical datas meet the standards and specifications, and the customers are very satisfied with the product quality.The goods are expected to be shipped in the middle of this month.In addition, another batch of gear rings ordered by this customer are also being processed.Indonesia PT company belongs to CIC long-term partners and has signed lots of purchasing agreement with us. There will be the opportunity of supplying complete sets of equipment such as drying machine, cooling machine, rotary kiln etc. in the future.Based on the last two years of successive cooperation will pave the way for the contract signing of large complete sets of equipment.                                                                    


 Indonesian PT company reprensentatives took group photo with CIC chairman as a souvenir in the main hall of office building




Final Inspection of the Tyre and Sheel Assembly





During customer visiting, CIC Chairman Mr Zhao,International Trade Company Vice General Manager Mr Ji Accompanied the Inspection