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Jiangsu Pujing Organic Synthetic Pulp EPC Project

The COVID-19 in 2020 bring about an unprecedented difficulty in the global foreign trade situation due to the decline in international market demand, soaring sea freight prices, soaring costs and blocked exports.
CIC international department adjusted its development strategy in a timely manner, that is, both external and internal circulation. It took the initiative to make efforts in the domestic market to overcome difficulties, innovate and develop, and seize opportunities. In October 2020, they worked hard to win the first environmental protection EPC project since the establishment of CIC.

Project significance:
1.Innovation: This project is the first pilot project in China and even in the world.
2.Respond to the national policy of environmental protection: It will realize the disposal and reaction of various hazardous wastes containing hydrocarbons to generate the production raw materials required by the chemical industry, meet the requirements of hazardous waste material disposal, and reuse the hazardous waste resources and partially replace the coal resources. "Clear water and green mountains are treasure like golden and silver", which has made a significant contribution to the deep cultivation of the cause of environmental protection of the motherland.
3.The transformation and upgrading of CIC has reached a new level: it has taken a solid step for CIC to become a group company integrating engineering process design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and project operation in the future.